Text 4 May 427 notes HOW


How is this


the same person as






I just don’t…wha..

Parvis tell me your secret 


Photo 4 May 166 notes pbnk:

“I’ll be back, ok? Look after yourself, don’t let the bullies get you in school!”


“I’ll be back, ok? Look after yourself, don’t let the bullies get you in school!”


Text 15 Apr 6 notes

skyegirl123 said: Happy Birthday Parv! Hope you had a lovely day!


Text 23 Feb 2 notes

zarrocktumbles said: Why are you the best? More importantly, what sort of video games do you enjoy playing most and do you plan to make another series of videos once you finish The Witcher? Also do you love Jaffas? Questions, Questions, Questions.

1. Haha, I’m not the best :P

2. I love MOBA games (loving DOTA 2), shooters like good old COD4 and COD: UO and open world RPG’s like The Witcher, Skyrim and Fallout.

3. I will be partaking in several group and single playthroughs, I have 2 planned currently, both of which I intend to air on the Area 11 youtube channel over the next few weeks.

4. Jaffas are awesome!

Text 16 Feb 4 notes

swelewa said: Hi What's your fav food? And are you going to prank anyone on April 1?

Love Chinese food, sushi is a contender too!

I may or may not perform April fools pranks this year, however I have no plans as of yet.

Text 16 Feb 4 notes

skyegirl123 said: Hey Parv! What is your favourite song on ATLITS? Mine are either "Tokyo House Party", "Vectors", or "Cassandra (pt.II)"

Probably giga drill, its such alot of fun to play live!

Text 16 Feb 1 note

edshut said: What pick thickness do you favor good sir?

Depends but usually, a jim dunlop nylon 1mm serves me well!

Text 11 Feb 5 notes

purimess said: I had weird dream where you were a mermaid and you saved me.. Can you swim?

Yes, I can swim!

Text 7 Feb 11 notes

madamemelody said: What exactly is your job at Yogtowers? Besides playing guitar, making videos, and being generally awesome. Or is that it?

I’m a ‘production assistant’ so I quite literally assist the production in-house. This means I usually am video editing, however I also dabble in the audio side occasionally. 

Right now my main job is the Top5 videos. 

Text 3 Feb 4 notes

blindings0n said: parv, did you play all guitar lines on ATLITS? or did luke do some before he left? <3 <3

Luke recorded the main solo on Euphemia, the rest of the guitar is me, apart form one dual harmony solo on Cassandra Pt.II where Sparkles* recorded one of the guitar parts

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